About Me

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Hi, I’m Dr. Alys Mendus, I’ve just completed a PhD (2018), on a scholarship in Freedom to Learn from the University of Hull, UK.

My PhD follows me performing School Tourism on an autoethnographic rhizomatic journey in search of my ideal school around the world.

I am pioneering the approach of ‘performing School Tourism’ arguing that it is essential to physically visit schools to be able to understand the ‘gems’ (the edge-ucation) that makes that place of learning unique. However, I realised that the current educational alternatives mostly have to exist within our neoliberal world and that it is a systemic consciousness shift that is needed.

My research interests are in creative methodologies; storytelling, poetry, collaborative narrative inquiry and searching for a paradigm shift in how we live, love and educate.

Please contact me if you would like more information about my work.


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